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A0001: Are You Ready yet?[edit]


Sometimes people are just too slow! And then they hurry too much! In this lesson JP and Liliana teach us how to create time pressure and how to react to it and—most importantly—to relax. The keyword is tranquila – relaxed (for feminine nouns).

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hombre: ¿Ya estás lista?
mujer: ¡Espera un momento!
hombre: Tranquila. Todavía tenemos tiempo.
mujer: Menos mal.
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Dialogue with Translation[edit]

hombre: ¿Ya estás lista?
already (you) are ready
man: Are you ready yet?
mujer: ¡Espera un momento!
(you) wait a moment
woman: Wait a moment!
hombre: Tranquila. Todavía tenemos tiempo.
relaxed still (we) have time
man: Relax! We still have time.
mujer: Menos mal.
less badly
woman: Good.
el tiempo – the time

Vocabulary for Dialogue[edit]

el hombre noun (masculine) the man
la mujer noun (feminine) the woman
ya adverb already
estar verb (infinitive) to be
(tú) estás verb (present tense) you are (informal, singular)
listo/lista adjective (m./f.) ready
esperar verb (infinitive) to wait
¡(tú) espera! verb (imperative) (you) wait! (informal, singular)
un/una article (m./f.) a
el momento noun (masculine) the moment
tranquilo/tranquila adjective (m./f.) relaxed, calm
todavía adverb still
tener verb (infinitive) to have
(nosotros/-as) tenemos verb (present tense) we have
el tiempo noun (masculine) the time
menos adverb less
mal adverb badly
menos mal phrase OK, good
el tiempo – the weather

Vocabulary for Audio Lesson[edit]

el tiempo noun (masculine) the time, the weather
¿cómo? adverb how?
¿Cómo está el tiempo? phrase How is the weather?
el clima noun (masculine) the climate, the weather
tranquilos/tranquilas adjective (plural, m./f.) relaxed, calm
¡(usted) espere! verb (imperative) (you) wait! (formal, singular)
¡(ustedes) esperen! verb (imperative) (you) wait! (formal, plural)
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More Vocabulary[edit]

This section includes grammatically related words. Some of them are required by the exercise Dialogue Recast.

esperar infinitive to wait
¡(tú) espera! imperative (you) wait! (informal, singular)
¡(usted) espere! (you) wait! (formal, singular)
¡(nosotros/-as) esperemos! (let's) wait! (m./f.)
¡(vosotros/-as) esperad! (you) wait! (informal, plural, m./f.)
¡(ustedes) esperen! (you) wait! (formal, plural)
estar infinitive to be
(yo) estoy present tense I am
(tú) estás you are (informal, singular)
(él/ella) está he/she(/it) is
(usted) está you are (formal, singular)
(nosotros/-as) estamos we are (m./f.)
(vosotros/-as) estáis you are (informal, plural, m./f.)
(ellos/ellas) están they are (m./f.)
(ustedes) están you are (formal, plural)
tener infinitive to have
(yo) tengo present tense I have
(tú) tienes you have (informal, singular)
(él/ella) tiene he/she(/it) has
(usted) tiene you have (formal, singular)
(nosotros/-as) tenemos we have (m./f.)
(vosotros/-as) tenéis you have (informal, plural, m./f.)
(ellos/ellas) tienen they have (m./f.)
(ustedes) tienen you have (formal, plural)
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Dialogue Translation

Cover the right column, translate from Spanish to English and uncover the right column line by line to check your answers. If possible, read the Spanish sentences aloud.

¿Ya estás lista? Are you ready yet?
¡Espera un momento! Wait a moment!
Tranquila. Todavía tenemos tiempo. Relax! We still have time.
Menos mal. Good./Less bad.

Dialogue Recall

Now translate from English to Spanish. Remember to say the Spanish sentences aloud.

Are you ready yet? ¿Ya estás listo/lista?
Wait a moment! ¡Espera un momento!
Relax! We still have time. Tranquilo/tranquila. Todavía tenemos tiempo.
Good (= less bad). Menos mal.

Dialogue Remix

Translate this variant of the dialogue from English to Spanish.

Do we have time? ¿Tenemos tiempo?
We still have time. Todavía tenemos tiempo.
Do we still have a moment? ¿Todavía tenemos un momento?
We still have a moment. Todavía tenemos un momento.
Are you ready? ¿Estás listo/lista?
Wait a moment! ¡Espera un momento!
Relax! We still have time. Tranquilo/tranquila. Todavía tenemos tiempo.
Good (= less bad). Menos mal.
Are you already relaxed? ¿Ya estás tranquilo/tranquila?

Dialogue Recast

This translation exercise requires some of the words from the More Vocabulary section.

Are you ready yet? (formal) ¿Ya está listo/lista (usted)?
Wait a moment! (formal) ¡Espere un momento!
Relax! I still have time. Tranquilo/tranquila. Todavía tengo tiempo.
Good (= less bad). Menos mal.

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