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El amor[edit]


  • amar: to love (someone). Te amo: I love you (deeply).
  • querer: to care for; to love. Te quiero: I love you (I care for you deeply).
  • quererse: to love each other.
  • gustar: to like; to be physically attracted to. Me gusta María: I like María; I'm physically attracted to María.
  • encantar: to love (something); to enchant. Conjugate like gustar when using it for 'love' Me encanta la tele I love television.
  • gustarse: to be physically attracted to each other
  • tener cariño por alguien: to have sentimental feelings toward someone
  • salir con: to go out with; to date someone
  • estimar: to esteem
  • apreciar: to appreciate
  • abrazar: to hug. abrazos para ti: hugs for you
  • besar: to kiss. muchos besos para ti: many kisses for you
  • salir en cita con alguien: to go on a date with someone
  • terminar: to break up with. Pepe y yo terminamos: Pepe and I broke up (our relationship broke up or ended).
  • pelear: to argue.
  • enamorarse: to fall in love
  • casarse: to get married


  • el novio: boyfriend; fiancé; groom
  • la novia: girlfriend; fiancée; bride
  • los novios: dating couple; engaged couple; bride and groom
  • los prometidos: engaged couple
  • el matrimonio: marriage; wedding. Also: a married couple.
  • el esposo, el marido: husband
  • mi esposa, mi mujer, mi señora: my wife
  • mi jefa my wife (or my mom) lit. my boss (f)
  • el sacerdote: the priest
  • la iglesia: the church
  • la boda, el matrimonio: the wedding
  • la boda civil, el matrimonio civil: the civil service
  • la boda religiosa, el matrimonio religioso: the religious service
  • la luna de miel: honeymoon
  • la pareja: the couple
  • mi pareja: my partner; my significant other. It has feminine grammatical gender, so someone can say Antonio fue mi última pareja (Antonio was my last partner) even though Antonio is a male.
  • los convivientes: the cohabiting couple.
  • los amantes, los enamoradores: lovers.
  • amor: love
  • El día de los enamorados, el día de San Valentín: Valentines day