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This tense translates to "would..." The easiest verb for English speakers to remember in this tense is "I would win", which is "Ganaría". If you pronounce it out loud, you will see why it is so easy to remember.

The conditional tense is formed exactly the same as the future tense with the exception of the endings. The endings of the conditional tense are:

This tense is frequently used in conjunction with the imperfect subjunctive, as demonstrated in the following contexts. Pay special attention to the position of the verbs in the conditional.

Si yo tuviera dineiro, compraría un coche.
If I had money, I would buy a car.

Yo iría a la fiesta si tú me llevaras.
I would go to the party if you took me.

The irregular verbs in the conditional tense are exactly the same as those in the future tense. See the page on the future tense for more information.