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Querer: To want.

Future Irregular: Querr + Future Ending

(Yo) Querré: I will want.

Example: Yo querré ver que museo.

I will want to see that museum.

(Tu) Querrás: You will want.

Example: Tu querrás gastar que dinero.

You will want to spend that money.

(Él,ella,usted) Querrá: He(She) will want.

Example: Él querrá seguir el clase.

He will want to continue the class.

(Nosotros) Querremos: We will want.

Example: Nosotros querremos dormir despues doce.

We will want to sleep after twelve.

(Vosotros) Querréis: You all (Y'all) will want.

Example: Vosotros querréis gozar de postre.

You all will want to enjoy the cake (pastry).

(Ellos,ellas,ustedes) Querrán: They will want.

Example: Ellos querrán descubrir el secreto de vida.

They will want to discover the secret of life.