Spanish/Contents/Thesaurus of Spanish Cognates/Everyday Vocabulary/100+ High-Frequency Words

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English Español Class
accept aceptar transitive verb
action acción feminine noun
affect afectar transitive verb
air aire masculine noun
appear aparecer intransitive verb
bank banco masculine noun
basic básico adjective
basis base feminine noun
case caso masculine noun
cause causa feminine noun
center centro masculine noun
central central adjective
character carácter (pl. caracteres) masculine noun
class clase feminine noun
clear claro adjective
combine combinar(se) transitive verb (reflexive verb)
common común adjective
condition condición feminine noun
contain contener transitive verb
contribute contribuir transitive verb
control control masculine noun
cooperate cooperar intransitive verb
copy copia feminine noun
create crear transitive verb
day día masculine noun
decide decidir transitive verb
depend depender intransitive verb
descend descender intransitive verb
describe describir transitive verb
detail detalle masculine noun
difference diferencia feminine noun
different diferente adjective
difficult difícil adjective
direct directo adjective
double doble adjective
enter entrar intransitive verb
equal igual adjective
error error masculine noun
exception excepción feminine noun
exist existir intransitive verb
familiar familiar adjective
family familia feminine noun
famous famoso adjective
favor favor masculine noun
fine fino adjective
force forzar transitive verb
form forma feminine noun
general general adjective
group grupo masculine noun
hour hora feminine noun
human humano(a) adjective, masculine noun, feminine noun
idea idea feminine noun
important importante adjective
individual individual adjective
inform informar transitive verb
interest interés masculine noun
line línea feminine noun
list lista feminine noun
moment momento masculine noun
move mover(se) transitive verb (reflexive verb)
name nombre masculine noun
necessary necesario adjective
new nuevo adjective
number número masculine noun
obtain obtener transitive verb
obvious obvio adjective
occupy ocupar transitive verb
operate operar transitive verb
opportunity oportunidad feminine noun
part parte feminine noun
pass pasar transitive verb, intransitive verb
pause pausa feminine noun
perfect perfecto adjective
period período masculine noun
permit permitir transitive verb
person persona feminine noun
piece pieza feminine noun
plan plan masculine noun
point punto masculine noun
popular popular adjective
position posición feminine noun
possible posible adjective
practical práctico adjective
prefer preferir transitive verb
prepare preparar transitive verb
presence presencia feminine noun
present presentar transitive verb
price precio masculine noun
private privado adjective
probable probable adjective
problem problema masculine noun
produce producir transitive verb
program programa masculine noun
progress progreso masculine noun
prove probar transitive verb
public público adjective, masculine noun
pure puro adjective
quality calidad feminine noun
quantity cantidad feminine noun
reality realidad feminine noun
reason razón feminine noun