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You request for improovements to be made to this Spanish wikibook here. Your requests will not be looked upon so quickly, and it also requires time to build up on other modules. It is important to be patient. Write your request and state also your reason. By requesting, other users can work on new lesson and materials to help you learn Spanish better.

I'm portuguese and I know to speak spanish, plus I'm still learning but I have downloaded and read this pdf guide and it has some things incorrect.

From the page 5 to 7, one can see the spanish alphabet.

The spanish alphabet has 27 letters (the 26 from english alphabet plus the letter "ñ" after the "n").

The mistakes there are these ones:

-"ch" -"ll" -"rr"

All these 3 are diphthongs and are not considered to be an individual alphabet letter.

Plus, on the page 12, about the "notes on ñ and RR", it's said that n and ñ are alphabetized as separate letters as "r" and "rr" and in the example is given that, on a dictionary, "muñeca" comes after "municipal".

This is correct since "ñ" is considered as a letter.

But in the other example, looking on a dictionary, "carro" never comes after "carta". "carro" comes first, those 2 words are the same as my native language, portuguese, but i have also checked in a spanish dictionary and "carro" comes first of "carta".