South Park: The Stick of Truth/Gain New Allies

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Cartman informs you that the elves have stolen the stick, and instructs you to recruit the Goth kids to help retake it. This quest has three parts.

Recruit the Goth Kids[edit | edit source]

Go to the school, and make your way around back to find the Goth kids. They will agree to help you only if you act and dress like them.

Noncomformist[edit | edit source]

Go to Tweek Bros. Coffee and purchase a Dark Roast. On your way out, you will be ambushed by several elves. Don't bother fighting them, as you will gain no experience from the battle, and one of the elves will knock you unconscious after you win. Instead, travel with them to the Elven Kingdom, where Kyle will advise you to join them against Cartman. Afterwards, make your way to Jimbo's Guns, where you will be attacked by a group of sixth graders. Defeat them, and they'll drop cigarettes.

Finally, head to the U-Store It next to Tweek Bros. and purchase goth clothes from the homeless man. Return to the Goth kids afterwards.

PTA Problems[edit | edit source]

The Goth Kids have one final task: take a picture during the PTA meeting holding a sign that reads "Fuck the Conformists". Head next door to the community center, where the PTA meeting will be in progress. Once the meeting ends, head into the bathroom and Randy will teach you a new magic fart, the Sneaky Squeaker. Test it on Mr. Mackey. Then make your way to where the UFO crashed by the mall. Use the Sneaky Squeaker to distract the guards, then make your way through the gate.

Use the switch by the truck to electrify the puddle of water, then lure the soldier into the puddle to take him out. Use your anal probe to teleport to the top of the building, then smash through the air vent to enter. Defeat the Nazi zombie after the cutscene, then grab the recording device from the table. Make sure to shoot the Chinpokomon off the filing cabinet, as this will be your only chance to collect it.

Head back outside and make your way back to the PTA meeting. From this point on the streets of South Park will be overrun by Nazi zombies, so take extra care to avoid the,. Give the recording to the PTA members, then make your way back to the Goths. Play the Dance Dance Revolution-style minigame to prove you can dance like a goth. Now you must make a decision: Cartman and the Humans, or Kyle and the Elves. Whichever side you choose to join, head back to their respective headquarters and talk to them to continue. Once you have made your decision, climb up the kingdom's tower to summon your fighters.