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Sonic the Hedgehog 3/Bonus Stages

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Sonic 3 - Starpost.png
Bonus stage screenshot.

To enter a Bonus Stage you need to pass a Starpost with 50 or more rings. Stars will appear above the starpost. Jump into the stars to enter the bonus stage.

Items[edit | edit source]

Sprite Name Description
Sonic 3 - Gum1up.png 1-Up Ball Gives you an extra live.
Sonic 3 - Gumwater.png Aqua Ball Gives you the water shield.
Sonic 3 - Gumbounce.png Bumper Ball You bounce off these when hit.
Sonic 3 - Gumrep.png Catapult Ball Replaces the springs at the bottom.
Sonic 3 - Gumblank.png Clear Ball Does nothing.
Sonic 3 - Gumflame.png Flame Ball Gives you the flame shield.
Sonic 3 - Gumring.png Ring Ball Gives you 10 rings.
Sonic 3 - Gumlightning.png Thunder Ball Gives you the lightning shield.