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Guitar Guitar/Chord changes C-Am and D7

folk song – Text: anonymous (about 1829), Melody : trad., arranged by Mjchael and Paniolo

Although the song was written as a temperance song, it is now often considered to be a drinking song. It is often sung in Irish pubs.


Ukulele (gcea)
G C Am D D7 D7
Ukulele (adf#h)
G C Am D D7

2nd version

3th version

The Wild Rover

[edit | edit source]
1st Verse
I've[G]been a wild rover, for many a[C]year
And I've[G]spent all me[Am]money on[D7]whiskey and[G]beer
But[G]now I'm returning with gold in great[C]store
And I[G]never will[Am]play the wild[D7]rover no[G]more
And it's[D]no, nay, never[D7][1]
[G][2]No, nay, never, no[C]more
Will I[G]play the wild[Am]rover
No, nay,[D7]never, no[G]more
2nd Verse
I[G]went to an alehouse I used to fre[C]quent
And I[G]told the land-[Am]lady me[D7]money was[G]spent
I[G]asked her for credit, she answered my[C]"nay
Such a[G]custom as[Am]yours I can[D7]get any[G]day"   (Chorus)
3rd Verse
I[G]took from my pocket ten souvereigns[C]bright
And the[G]landlady's[Am]eyes opened[D7]wide with de[G]light
She[G]said "I have whiskeys and wines of the[C]best
And the[G]words that I[Am]told you were[D7]only in[G]jest"   (Chorus)
4th Verse
I'll go[G]home to my parents, confess what I've[C]done
And I'll[G]ask them to[Am]pardon their[D7]prodigal[G]son
And[G]if they caress me, as oftimes be[C]fore
Sure I[G]never will[Am]play the wild[D7]rover no[G]more   (Chorus)


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  1. Clap on 1 2 3
  2. Clap 1