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Guitar Guitar/Jump Em-D & Am-G


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Irish Folk – Text and melody: trad., arranged by Mjchael  

Verse 1

[G]I wish I[Am]was [D]in Carrick-[G]fergus[/F# Em ][1]
Only for[Am]nights [(D]in[C)]Bally-[G]grant,
[G]I would swim[Am]over [D]the deepest[G]ocean,[/F# Em ]
Only for[Am]nights [(D]in[C)]Bally-[G]grant,
But the sea is[G]wide and I cannot cross[D]over
And neither[Em]have I[C] the wings to[D]fly
I wish I could[Am]meet [D]a handsome[G]boatsman,[/F# Em ]
To ferry me[Am]over, [(D]my[C)]love to[G]find.

Verse 2

[G]But in Kil-[Am]kenny, [D]it is re-[G]ported,[/F# Em ],
On marble[Am]stones there [(D]as[C]}black as[G]ink.
[G]With gold and[Am]silver [D]I would sup-[G]port her,[/F# Em ]
But I´ll sing no[Am]more now [(D]till I[C)]get a[G]drink,
For I'm drunk to-[G]day, and I'm seldom[D]sober,
A handsome[Em]rover [C]from town to[D]town,
Ah, but I'm[Am]sick now, [D]my days are[G]numbered, [/F# Em ]
Come all you[Am]young men [D]and[C]lay me[G]down.

[edit | edit source]

YT   Carrickfergus

  1. The /F# is a short form of G/F# that means a G major chord, where still the bass note F# is added.