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Irish Folk – arranged by Mjchael  

Guitar   Ukulele (gcea)
Bm (=Hm) 2.Bund
D Bm G
A Em E7
The western-patter The campfire-patter

Botany Bay

[edit | edit source]
Fare-[D]well to your bricks and[Bm]mortar, Fare-[G]well to your[A]dirty lies[D].
Fare-[D]well to your gangways[Bm]and your gang planks,
And to[Em]hell with your over-[A]time.
For the[D]good ship Rag-[Bm]amuffin
is[G]lying[A]at the[D]Quay,
For to[Bm]take out Pat with a shovel on his back
To the shores of[A]Botany[D]Bay.

Verse 1
  • While[D]on my way down[Bm]to the quay where the[G]ship at [A]anchor[D]lays
To [D]command a gang of [Bm]navvys
that[Em]I was told to[A]engage
I[D]stopped in for to [Bm]drink awhile be-[G] fore I[A]go[D]away.
For to[Bm]take a trip on an emigrant ship to the shores of[A]Botany[D]Bay.

Verse 2
Well[D]the boss came up this[Bm]morning, and he[G]said "Well[A]Pat you[D]know
If you [D]didn't get those[Bm]navvys out I'm a-[Em]fraid you'll have to[A]go "
So I[D]asked him for my[Bm]wages and de-[G]manded[A]all my[D]pay
And I[Bm]told him straight, we would all emigrate to the shores of[A]Botany[D]Bay.

Verse 3
And[D]when I reach Aus-[Bm]tralia I'll[G]go and[A]search for[D]gold.
There's[D]plenty there for[Bm]digging up, or[Em]so I have been[A]told.
Or[D]else I'll go back to [Bm]my trade and a[G]hundred[A]bricks I'll[D]lay
Be-[Bm]cause I live for an eight hour shift on the shores of[A]Botany[D]Bay.


To do:
translate the hidden instructions from German into English. Please check spelling and style

That, wat can not be shown in the Midi: It's a drinking song that one should be sung with much pep.

About this sound Hörbeispiel mit Picking- und Schlagmusterbegleitung
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