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American civil war song – Alternative title: Aura Lea (with other words, also known as Love Me Tender), Text: W. W. Fosdick (1861 publ.), Melody : George R. Poulton (1861 publ.), arranged by Paniolo 

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Aura Lee[edit | edit source]

Publication of 1861
1st Verse
F As the blackbird G in the spring C7 'neath the willow F tree
F Sat and rocked, I G heard him sing, C7 singing Aura F Lee
F Aura Lee, Aura Lee, maid with golden hair
F Sunshine came a- G long with thee and C7 swallows in the F air

2nd Verse
F Take my heart and G take my ring I C7 give my all to F thee
F Take me for e- G ternity C7 dearest Aura F Lee

3rd Verse
F In her blush the G rose was born 'twas C7 music when she F spoke
F In her eyes the G light of morn C7 sparkling seemed to F break

Last Verse
F Aura Lee the G bird may flee the C7 willow' golden F hair
F Then the wintry G winds may be C7 blowing ev'ry- F where
Last Chorus
F Yet if thy blue |eyes I see |gloom will soon depart
F For to me sweet G Aura Lee is C7 sunshine to the F heart

Akkordschema[edit | edit source]

Verse Chorus (simple ) Chorus (more complex)
| F | G | C7 | F ||
| F | G | C7 | F ||
| F | - | - | - ||
| F | G | C7 | F ||
| F A7 | Dm F7 | Bb Bbm | F ||
| F D7 | G | C7 | F ||

Version for solo guitar[edit | edit source]

For this song, there is a solo guitar book version in C major. If you want to keepthe F major tonality, you needa Capo on the 5th Guitar fret. [1]

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Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. To listen to the midis we recommend Karaoke Player of vanBasco. It's a very good midi player that can slow down the piece and pitch the tonality to F-major.