Songbook/All Creatures Of Our God And King

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Hymne – Alternative title: Can­ti­co di frat­re so­le; Song of Bro­ther Sun, Text: Francis of Assisi (*1182 †1226) (origin approx. 1225, publication nearly 400 jears later ); translation into English by William Henry Draper (*1855 †1933) (1919 publ.), arranged by Mjchael  

This so-called Canticle of the Sun is an ode to God's creation that other people will donate consolation.

Guitar Ukulele (gcea)
Bm 2.fret
G Em D C
Am A Bm  

All Creatures Of Our God And King

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mightCapo = 5;

Verse 1
[G]All creatures of[(Em]our[C)]God and[D]King,[']
[G]Lift up your[(Em]voice with[C)]us and[D]sing:[']
[G]Alle-[C]lu-[Bm]ia![Em]Alle-[A]lu-[D]ia! [1]
[G]Thou burning[Em]sun with[C]golden[D]beam
[G]And silver[Em]moon with[C]softer[D]gleam:
[G]Thou rushing[Em]wind that[C]art so[D]strong,
[G]Ye clouds that[Em]sail in[C]heav'n a-[D]long,
[G]Thou rising[Em]morn, in[C]praise re-[D]joice,
[G]Ye lights of[Em]evening[C]find a[D]voice!
[G]O flowing[Em]waters,[C]pure and[D]clear,
[G]Make music[Em]for your[C]Lord to[D]hear,
[G]O fire, so[Em]master-[C]ful and[D]bright,
[G]Providing[Em]us with[C]warmth and[D]light.
[G]Dear mother[Em]earth, who[C]day by[D]day
[G]Unfolds rich[Em]blessings[C]on our[D]way.
[G]The flow'rs and[Em]fruits that[C]verdant[D]grow,
[G]Let them his[Em]praise ab-[C]undant[D]show.
[G]And all ye[Em]men of[C]tender[D]heart,
[G]Forgiving[Em]others,[C]take your[D]part,
[G]Ye who long[Em]pain and[C]sorrow[D]bear,
[G]Praise God and[Em]on Him[C]cast your[D]care!
[G]Let all things[Em]their Cre-[C]ator[D]bless,
[G]And worship Him[Em]in[C]humble-[D]ness,
[G]Praise, praise the[Em]Father,[C]praise the[D]Son,
[G]And praise the[Em]Spirit,[C]Three in[D]One!
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  1. The chord Bm can be exchange by D-major. With Bm, there is a better quint chain. The chords walk from the Bm the circle of fifth backwards to G-Minor. (Bm Em A D G = IIIm - VIm - II - V - I).