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Hymne – Alternative title: Can­ti­co di frat­re so­le; Song of Bro­ther Sun, Text: Francis of Assisi (*1182 †1226) (origin approx. 1225, publication nearly 400 jears later ); translation into English by William Henry Draper (*1855 †1933) (1919 publ.), arranged by Mjchael 

This so-called Canticle of the Sun is an ode to God's creation that other people will donate consolation.

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All Creatures Of Our God And King[edit | edit source]

mightCapo = 5;

Verse 1
G All creatures of (Em our C) God and D King, '
G Lift up your (Em voice with C) us and D sing: '
G Alle- C lu- Bm ia! Em Alle- A lu- D ia! [1]
G Thou burning Em sun with C golden D beam
G And silver Em moon with C softer D gleam:
C Oh, D praise Em Him! C Oh, D praise Em Him!
G Alle- C lu- Bm ia! Em Alle- A lu- D ia!
C alle- Am - D lu- G ia!
G Thou rushing Em wind that C art so D strong,
G Ye clouds that Em sail in C heav'n a- D long,
G O C praise Bm Him! Em Alle- A lu- D ia!
G Thou rising Em morn, in C praise re- D joice,
G Ye lights of Em evening C find a D voice!
G O flowing Em waters, C pure and D clear,
G Make music Em for your C Lord to D hear,
G O C praise Bm Him! Em Alle- A lu- D ia!
G O fire, so Em master- C ful and D bright,
G Providing Em us with C warmth and D light.
G Dear mother Em earth, who C day by D day
G Unfolds rich Em blessings C on our D way.
G O C praise Bm Him! Em Alle- A lu- D ia!
G The flow'rs and Em fruits that C verdant D grow,
G Let them his Em praise ab- C undant D show.
G And all ye Em men of C tender D heart,
G Forgiving Em others, C take your D part,
G O C sing Bm ye! Em Alle- A lu- D ia!
G Ye who long Em pain and C sorrow D bear,
G Praise God and Em on Him C cast your D care!
G Let all things Em their Cre- C ator D bless,
G And worship Him Em in C humble- D ness,
G O C praise Bm Him! Em Alle- A lu- D ia!
G Praise, praise the Em Father, C praise the D Son,
G And praise the Em Spirit, C Three in D One!

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  1. The chord Bm can be exchange by D-major. With Bm, there is a better quint chain. The chords walk from the Bm the circle of fifth backwards to G-Minor. (Bm Em A D G = IIIm - VIm - II - V - I).