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Guitar Guitar/Chord changes C-Am and D7

500 Miles (Hedy West)

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Folksong: © & Publication Credit Not Available – arranged by Mjchael  

The lyrics and melody are attributed to folk singer Hedy West. However, she herself claims to be responsible only for the arrangement and that she is not entitled to the honor of authorship. The song is said to have originated from an older version (possibly '900 Miles').

500 Miles

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1. Verse

If you[G]miss the train I'm[Em]on,
you will[Am]know that I am[C]gone,
you can[Am]hear the whistle[C]blow
a hundred[D]miles.[D7]
A hundred[G]miles, a hundred[Em]miles,
a hundred[Am]miles, a hundred[C]miles,
you can[Am]hear the whistle[(C]blow
a[D7)]hundred miles.[G]


Lord, I'm[G]one, Lord, I'm[Em]two,
Lord, I'm[Am]three, Lord, I'm[C]four,
Lord, I'm[Am]five hundred[C]miles
a way from[D]home.[D7]
Away from[G]home, away from[Em]home,
away from[Am]home, away from[C]home,
Lord, I'm[Am]five hundred[(C]miles
a-[D7)]way from[G]home.


Not a[G]shirt on my[Em]back,
not a[Am]penny to my[C]name.
Lord, I[Am]can't go back[C]home
This-a-[G]way, this-a-[Em]way,
this-a-[Am]way, this-a-[C]way,
Lord, I[Am]can't go back[(C]home[D7)]


If you[G]miss the train[/F#]I'm[Em]on,
you will[Am]know that I[/B]am[C]gone,
you[/B]can[Am]hear the whist-[/B]le[C]blow
a hundred[D]miles.[D7]
A hundred[G]miles, a hun-[/F#]dred[Em]miles,
a hundred[Am]miles, a hun-[/B]dred[C]miles,
you[/B]can[Am]hear the whis-[/B]tle[(C]blow
a[D7)]hundred miles.[G]

unknown Chords

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Shorthand for slash chords

G ... /F# = G ... G/F#
C ... /B = C ... C/B
Am ... /B = Am ... Am/B

Walking bass

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