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Solutions To Mathematics Textbooks

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Solutions To Mathematics Textbooks

This wikibook aims to provide many solutions and explanations to questions and assignments posed in mathematics textbooks. Few mathematics textbooks (especially towards university / college level mathematics) have the complete set of solutions available, often favouring answers to selected problems, or perhaps odd or even numbered questions exclusively. Even where answers are provided, they may be succinct in order to save printed space.

Convention[edit | edit source]

New pages devoted to an entire book should take the following naming convention (note the leading slash, which makes each page of this book a subpage of this one):

/Book Title (edition) (ISBN)

For instance:

/Calculus (3rd) (0521867444)

If there is not an edition number, omit it. The ISBN and name must appear, however. Please refer to the books below for some more examples. Below the book level, this wikibook follows the structure of:

Book Title (edition) (ISBN)/Chapter number/Section number

For instance:

/Basic Mathematics (0387967877)/Chapter 5/Section 2

Naturally, this is open to interpretation. Some books may have a handful of chapter exercises with no subsections, in which case the solutions will fit nicely in the Chapter page. Other books may have chapters divided into a series of subchapters or sections with individual exercises, and may benefit from a deeper structure.

Other advice[edit | edit source]

Existing solutions[edit | edit source]

If one produces solutions to a book problem that contains the answer already, there is nothing wrong with providing the solutions again in these pages. In fact, it is encouraged that you expand on the original answer provided in a book, particularily if you feel the solution or proof is not sufficiently clear. Many books, in the interest in saving space, may provide the end result of a calculation with no indication on how to arrive at the answer.

Editions[edit | edit source]

It is likely that subsequent editions of books contain almost the same solutions. Should you wish to provide solutions to a particular edition, check to see if the answer has been provided in a subsequent edition first.

Formatting[edit | edit source]

Please use LaTeX to format these guides.

You may find it easier to use the following for lines of math: \begin{array} .... \end{array}

Contents[edit | edit source]