Solitaire card games/Auld Lang Syne

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This is one of the most difficult solitaire games as there is a very rare chance of winning the game, but that certainly does not mean it is not fun:

  1. Get all the Aces out from pack and put them at the top of your playing space
  2. Underneath those, deal four more cards
  3. Make any moves you can, building on the Aces, regardless of suit
Note:You cannot build on the bottom row
  1. When you've done with the moves, deal 4 more cards, overlapping the first four.
  2. Keep going as above until you have ran out of moves
  3. You win the game when all the Aces are built up to Kings


  • An even harder version of Auld Lang Syne is Tam o'shanter which the only difference is that the aces are not removed in the beginning and are placed in the foundation piles as they appear.