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The first case in Slovene is called 'Imenovalnik' or 'Nominative' case. This case focuses on the subject of the verb.

Nominative Declensions

Gender Singular Dual Plural Practice
Masculine - / - a / a i / i vlak, pes, dnevnik
Feminine a / a i / i a / a hiša, jama, cesta
Funny Feminine a / - i / i e / i cerkev, radost,
Neuter oe / oe i / i a / a delo, hrepnenje,

How to read this table

  • The first column signifies the gender. Ex: 'vlak' (M), 'hiša' (F), 'radost' (F2), 'delo' (N)
  • The second to fourth columns show the declensions for each adjective / noun. Ex: 'velik vlak' (Singular: big train), 'velika vlaka' (Dual: Two big trains), 'veliki vlaki' (Plural: big trains)


Singular Dual Plural
jaz sem midva sva mi smo
ti si vidva sta vi ste
on/-a/-o onadva sta oni/-e/-i