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What is MATLAB?

MATLAB - MATrix LABoratory is an industry standard tool in engineering applications. Electrical Engineers, working on topics related to this book will often use MATLAB to help with modeling. For more information on programming MATLAB, see MATLAB Programming.

Obtaining MATLAB

MATLAB itself is a relatively expensive piece of software. It is available for a fee from the Mathworks website.


There are, however, free alternatives to MATLAB. These alternatives are frequently called "MATLAB Clones", although some of them do not mirror the syntax of MATLAB. The most famous example is Octave. Here are some resources if you are interested in obtaining Octave:

MATLAB Template

This book will make use of the {{MATLAB CMD}} template, that will create a note to the reader that MATLAB has a command to handle a particular task. In the individual chapters, this book will not discuss MATLAB outright, nor will it explain those commands. However, there will be some chapters at the end of the book that will demonstrate how to perform some of these calculations, and how to use some of these analysis tools in MATLAB.