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After codecs installation it's time to get video players.
I'll show you a few of theme to choose.

MPlayer[edit | edit source]

MPlayer is one of the most popular video player for Linux.
It needs "w32codecs" for opening video files.
MPlayer developers stopped supporting it's GUI, you can install it but I suggest to get other one.
1. Install MPlayer with it's GUI:
apt-get install mplayer
2. Or without it:
apt-get install mplayer-nogui
and a front-end called SMPlayer:
apt-get install smplayer smplayer-themes smplayer-translations
3. Run SMPlayer: Menu-> Multimedia-> SMPlayer.
4. Go to "Options" tab-> Preferences:
a. General-> Video: Output driver has to be: "xv".
b. General-> Audio: Output driver has to be: "alsa".
c. Subtitles-> Font and Colors-> change for yours if you use it.
5. Any changes will be working when click on "Apply".

I recommend to try others MPlayer GUI:
1. GNOME-MPlayer:
2. KPlayer:
3. KMPlayer:
4. and more on MPlayer front-ends page:

MPlayer home page:
On Wikipedia:
SMPlayer home page:
SMPlayer on Wikipedia:

Xine[edit | edit source]

Xine is a multimedia engine using to open multimedia files and it's pre-installed with sidux.
I suggest to install a front-end for it called Gxine:
apt-get install gxine 
Run the player from: Menu-> Multimedia-> gxine.

I recommend to try others front-ends for xine:
1. Kaffeine:, on Wikipedia:
2. Totem:
3. Xfmedia:

Xine home page:
Xine on Wikipedia:

VLC[edit | edit source]

VLC is a multimedia player installed with it's own codecs.
It supports many audio and video codecs and file formats, it is able to open stream over network and
broken files as well.
1. Installation:
apt-get install vlc
2. Run it from: Menu-> Multimedia-> VLC media player.
3. There are some skins to install from:

VLC home page:
On Wikipedia:

Totem[edit | edit source]

Totem player is a part of GNOME environment but you can install it with XFCE anyway.
It works on Gstreamer libraries or xine engine.
1. Installation (Gstreamer):
apt-get install totem
2. Installation (xine):
apt-get install totem-xine
3. Run it: Menu-> Multimedia-> Totem movie player.

Totem home page:
On Wikipedia:

RealPlayer[edit | edit source]

MPlayer, VLC or Totem will open "video.rmvb" files very well.
1. But if you want to do it with original RealPlayer, download it from:
2. Next install it in Terminal as root (it'll be installed in "/opt/real/RealPlayer" folder):
dpkg -i RealPlayer11GOLD.deb
3. Run it and make configuration: Menu-> Multimedia->
then click on -> Next
a. Agree with the licence-> mark "Accept".
b. Make connection test:

c. And check is a newer version available, then click on "Finish".
d. After that the player is ready to use.

RealPlayer home page:
And on Wikipedia:

Miro[edit | edit source]

Miro is an interesting internet TV player with downloading videos option.
Miro for Linux uses xine engine.
1. Installation:
apt-get install miro
2. Run it from: Menu-> Multimedia-> Miro Internet TV
3. Make the application configuration.

4. And entry the main window.
5. Choose a TV channel by Genres for example.
6. And download any video file.

Miro home page:
Miro on Wikipedia:

List of media players for Linux: