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sidux has three different text editors pre-installed: AbiWord, Mousepad and Midnight Commander's editor.

AbiWord[edit | edit source]

AbiWord is a text processor supports formats such as: RTF, HTML, LaTeX, Microsoft Word, ODF.
Its own default format is "abw" uses XML.
You can run it from: Menu-> Office-> AbiWord.

AbiWord home page:
And on Wikipedia:

Mousepad[edit | edit source]

Mousepad is a simple text editor, it's default for XFCE environment.
1. Run it from: Menu-> Accessories-> Mousepad.
2. If you want to create or edit any text file as root, type the command in Terminal:
mousepad /file_patch

Home page:

Midnight Commander[edit | edit source]

Midnigt Commander is a file manager but not only, it has a ftp client and a text editor.
Menu-> Accessories-> Terminal-> "mc" command.
1. Mark a text file, then make a preview with F3 key or edit F4.
2. Save the file F2, exit the editor F10.

Home page:

Nano[edit | edit source]

Next console text editor is Nano.
1. Install it:
apt-get install nano
2. Run it in Terminal:
nano /file_patch
3. To save document use "Ctr" + "o" keys, to quit editor "Ctr" + "x", etc.

Nano home page:
On Wikipedia:

Others[edit | edit source]

  1. writer:
  2. Kate:
  3. Gedit:
  4. Leafpad:
  5. XEmacs: