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ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) is a sound system for Linux and provides device drivers for sound cards.
Linux was using OSS (Open Sound System) before and there is new one called PULSE.
Anyway ALSA is a default sound system for sidux and Debian in this moment.
For sound devices managing we'll use sound mixers.

AlsaMixer[edit | edit source]

AlsaMixer is console application and it is pre-installed with sidux.
To run it type in Terminal as an user:

XFCE4-mixer[edit | edit source]

One of AlsaMixer GUI is "xfce4-mixer".
Run it from: Menu-> Multimedia-> Mixer.
It's available from desktop panel too: Mixer Plugin.

AlsaMixerGui[edit | edit source]

It's next AlsaMixer GUI, to install it type:
apt-get install alsamixergui
Run it from: Menu-> Multimedia-> Alsamixergui.

Gnome-alsamixer[edit | edit source]

If you'd like to try GNOME AlsaMixer GUI, just install it:
apt-get install gnome-alsamixer
Run it: Menu-> Multimedia-> GNOME ALSA Mixer.

ALSA home page:
On Wikipedia: