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I'm gonna try to configure a printer and make testing print in this chapter.
Just I wanna say that I never made it on Linux before so it's my first time and effects can be vary.
I used my old printer Panasonic KXP-2130 connected to an USB port.
I have screenshots in polish in this moment only, sorry.

Configuration[edit | edit source]

CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System) is a configure printers application for Unix-like systems
and it's available to run from any web browser.
1. sidux has ready to use script, to run it go to: Menu-> Settings-> configure-cups.
Give root password - it'll run Iceweasel web browser.
2. In this case I suggest to run a web browser (in an user mode) and type address in:
a. Click on: Add Printer
b. Type your user name and password: 1.png
c. If your printer is connected directly to your computer, choose: Local printer,
if it's shared printer in local network, choose: Local shared printer.
I connected my printer as: Local printer-> Unknown. 2.png
d. In next step give: a name (yours), discription and localization - as you want. 3.png
e. Choose your printer maker's name from the list. 4.png
f. And its version (I didn't find my one). 5.png
g. It can be used "PPD" file instead of that but you have to find it yourself in the web typing:
PPD printer_name version.
h. Check a page settings to be printed (default). 6.png
i. And finish configuration, a testing page can be printed now. 8.png, 9.png

Printing[edit | edit source]

When the printer has been configurated, make a print from a file.
1. To do that open a text file using a text editor, a web browser or any application and choose: Print.
2. Second way to make printing is marking a file to be printed and choosing from mouse menu: Send to-> Printer.
3. It'll open XFCE4 printing window-> click on: Print. 11.png

Re-configuring[edit | edit source]

If you made a mistake with configuration, just configure it again.
1. Open a web browser and type the same cups address as last time.
2. Choose: present connection - if your printer is still connected. 13.png
3. Choose correct name and version of the printer and follow the istruction as above. 12.png

CUPS home page:
About CUPS on Wikipedia: