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I'd like to make a little more attention with an application doesn't suit for two previous chapters.
It is not a graphics viewer nor editor but you can work on photos anyway.
The main job of the application is photos album making.
It's Jalbum.


[edit | edit source]
1. Download Jalbum.deb package for Debian from:
a. It needs Java Virtual Machine 1.5 version at least.
b. Anyway there is Jalbum.bin installation package as well.
2. Installation (in "/usr/share/jalbum" folder):
dpkg -i jalbum_version_all.deb

Extra skins

[edit | edit source]
If you want to install more albums skins download new ones from:
1. But skins you can't install just like that, click right button of mouse on "Install skin" icon
and choose "Save it as..." to download it.
2. Extract the package and move it out using any File Manager as root to Jalbum's skins folder:

Album making

[edit | edit source]
Run the application from: Menu-> Graphics-> Jalbum.
1. Add photos folder to a new project in two ways:
a. drag a folder from an open file manager window and drop if off in jalbum window.
b. or just click on "Add".
2. "Skins and style" option on left panel - choose your skin and it's style.
3. Next click on "toothed wheel" icon - configuration.
a. First tab "General" - change output directory
b. Next tab "Pages" - you can change thumbnails colums and rows numbers and it's ordering.
c. "Images" tab - choose images quality and size.
d. "Advanced" tab-> Naming - change the main page name.
e. "Chameleon" tab - you can make many individual settings.
f. If all your settings are fine close the window clicking on "OK".
4. Now click on "Make Jalbum" to do so.
5. If you want to check the result click on "Preview" - it'll open the album in default web browser.
5. Save the project before closing Jalbum down: File-> Save Album Project As...".


[edit | edit source]
When your album is ready you can publish it sending out to any hosting server.
1. To do that click on "Publish" button on left panel.
2. If you have Jalbum account type your name and password.
3. Or use existing account on other server.
3. Anyway you can send your album out using any different ftp client: Sidux/Ftp clients


[edit | edit source]
Adding new photos to existing project (to photos folder) you don't need to make the album from the beginning.
Just open saved project and click on: Make Jalbum-> Make Changes - the application will over write existing
album making new one.
Don't forget to over write the album on your hosting server too.

Home page:
Jalbum on Wikipedia: