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Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format created by Adobe Systems.


[edit | edit source]
A default PDF installed application for sidux is Evince.
What you have to do to open any PDF document is choosing "Document Viewer" (Evince) from mouse menu
when you mark a PDF file in a file manager:
The application has thumbs pre-view in left sidebar.

Evince home page:
And on Wikipedia:

Next PDF viewer is Xpdf.
1. Install it:
apt-get install xpdf
2. Run it from: Menu-> Graphics-> xpdf.


3. Or from mouse menu: Open with-> xpdf.

Home page:
And on Wikipedia:

Adobe Reader

[edit | edit source]
Adobe Systems has it's own PDF reader for Linux.
Install it from repositories:
apt-get install acroread
Or download it from official web side: , choose Linux "deb" version
and install it:
dpkg -i AdbeRdr_version_i386_enu.deb
1. Run it from: Menu-> Office-> Adobe Reader 9.
2. Accept the licence.
3. And open a PDF file-> Open icon.
4. Or choose a file from mouse menu: Open with-> Adobe Reader 9.

Home page:
On Wikipedia:


[edit | edit source]
  1. KPDF:
  2. Okular:

More about PDF on Wikipedia: