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A peer-to-peer network is assigned for file sharing between computers using p2p clients or web browsers.
In some jurisdictions it can be illegal to upload or download files you do not have rights (a license) for.

BitTorrent[edit | edit source]

sidux has a BitTorrent application pre-installed, it's Transmission.
1. The first thing you have to do is finding a file to download (using a web browser) on torrent's
search web sides and download metafile called "file.torrent".
2. Now run Transmission from: Menu-> Network-> Transmission.
3. Then add the "file.torrent" to downloading list.

4. Enter: Edit tab-> Preferences if you'd like change settings such as: download or upload speed limit,
download folder, connection via proxy, using encryption connection or enable blocklist.

Transmission home page:
About BitTorrent network on Wikipedia:
Others p2p clients:
1. Deluge
2. Ktorrent (for KDE)
3. Bittornado
4. Vuze (formerly Azureus; needs Java)

eDonkey[edit | edit source]

A client application for eDonkey network is for example aMule:
apt-get install aMule
1. Run it from: Menu-> Network-> aMule
2. On first run the application asks you to receive servers list.
3. Then choose any available server (click twice on it) from the list going to "Networks" tab.
4. Then go to "Serches" tab, type a file name in "Name" field and click on "Start".
5. Mark a file and click on "Download".
6. Go to "Transfers" tab to check download transfer.

aMule home page:
About eDonkey network on Wikipedia:
Others eDonkey clients:
1. xMule
2. MLDonkey (multi-network client)

Gnutella[edit | edit source]

A gnutella client installation:
apt-get install gtk-gnutella
2. Run it: Menu-> Network-> gtk-gnutella.
3. Type your file name into "Search" field.
4. Then click twice on the file to start downloading.
5. Check the transfer going to "Downloads" tab.

gtk-gnutella home page:
About Gnutella network on Wikipedia:
Others applications:
1. Mutella:
2. Qtella:
3. Phex (Java requires):
4. XNap (Java requires):
5. MLDonkey

p2m[edit | edit source]

p2m (peer-to-mail) network is a little different than all of theme above.
All files you can download straight from an e-mail box.
1. To do that you have to log any p2m forum in and find a file "hashcode" that contains downloading details.
The file lets you log automatically to an e-mail box and download files.
But there is only one p2m client for Linux in this moment and it doesn't work with "hashcode" yet.
So if you want to use the network find an e-mail box address and password for your file.
2. Now download the network client called OpenP2M:
If the link doesn't work use second one:
3. Extract file, get to the new folder using Terminal and run application:
4. Log in an e-mail box and download files.

OpenP2M home page:
The project has been finish time ago but Brazilian developers took it over.
The last version of OpenP2M is ready to download from:
Gspace - Firefox add-on:, installation:

More about p2p networks on The World of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Wikibook.