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One of tools for wired and wirelles networks managing is an application made by sidux developers - Ceni.
There is Ceni network configuration guide for the chapter: Sidux/Installation/Ceni
When you configure the network, it doesn't need any more your attention.


But if you change an access point often I suggest to install any graphic network configurator.
Wicd is a default network configurator for XFCE so install it as root:
apt-get install wicd
1. You will be asked for adding a new user to "netdev" group - mark it with "space" bottom as "x" and click OK.
2. Re-boot your computer.
3. Open Wicd from desktop panel-> Preferences tab-> Network Interfaces:
a. For Wireless type: wlan0
b. For Wired type: eth0 and click on-> OK.
4. Refresh network list and find yours-> mark for Automatically connection to this network.
5. If you use wireless connection open "Properties" and type your network key if required.

Home page:
Wicd on Wikipedia:

Network Manager[edit]

Network Manager is an application for GNOME environment but it works on others anyway.
It manages mobiles networks too from 0.7 version.
apt-get remove wicd
apt-get install network-manager network-manager-gnome

Home page:

KNetwork Manager[edit]

For KDE environment install:
apt-get install network-manager network-manager-kde
apt-get install kwlan

Kwlan home page: