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A download manager is an application that helps you to download files faster (especially big ones); it re-starts downloading after breaking connection.

Wget[edit | edit source]

Wget is a kind of console applications but you can use GUI for it called Gwget.
1. Installation:
apt-get install gwget
a. Run it from: Menu-> Network-> Gwget Download Manager.
b. Copy downloading file link from a web browser.
c. Add it to Gwget
and wait for finishing.

2. For KDE there is KGet Download Manager as a part of the environment.

Wget home page:
More about Wget on Wikipedia: Wget
Gwget home page:
Gwget on Wikipedia: GWget
KWget on KDE home page:
KGet on Wikipedia: KGet

Quick Downloader[edit | edit source]

Small but system independent applications works with Java.
1. Download "OSIndependent" file from: and extract it.
2. Get in the new created "OSIndependent" folder in Termial as an user and run it:
java -jar QuickDownloader.jar

DownThemAll![edit | edit source]

Firefox web browser add-on install from:
Running the add-on first time just choose download folder
and click on "Start".
Home page:

FireDownload[edit | edit source]

It's another Firefox add-on and it makes downloading 10 times faster as the add-on maker says,
install from:
Home page: