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Bluetooth is an open wireless technology standard using for communication between electronic devices.
This chapter will show you how to use Bluetooth to make:
1. connection between two devices; a computer and a mobile for example.
2. send files out from a computer to a mobile.
3. download files from a mobile to a computer.
I have used USB Bluetooth Adapter (unknown producer - a label is clear) and Motorola L6 with Bluetooth built-in.


[edit | edit source]
The main Bluetooth module called "Bluez" is pre-installed with the system.
But to make work with the device a little bit much easy just install a few extra packages, including
Bluetooth aplet for GNOME environment:
apt-get install bluez-alsa bluez-cups bluez-firmware bluez-gstreamer bluez-hcidump 
gnome-bluetooth obex-data-server


[edit | edit source]
1. Plug a Bluetooth adapter in an USB port and set second device's Bleutooth module on "ON".
2. Now configure connection between devices running: Menu-> Settings-> Bluetooth.
3. In open Bluetooth Preferences window choose: "Set up new device".
4. It will open a connection wizard-> Forward.
5. The application will look for all available Bluetooth devices.
6. Choose your device and click on-> Forward.
7. Next the application will generate temporary PIN code (for this session) which type in to the second device
(you can set permanent PIN code going to: PIN options).
8. The connection has been established so close the wizard's window now.

Sending out

[edit | edit source]
You can send out your files in three different ways.
First two of theme let you send only but third one let you send and receive files as well.


[edit | edit source]
1. To send files out from a computer run Bluetooth Applet in Terminal or from: Menu-> Run program:
2. You can make Menu enter:
mousepad /usr/share/applications/bluetooth-applet.desktop
copy and paste the text below in:
[Desktop Entry]
Save the file and run the applet from: Menu-> Settings-> Bluetooth-applet.
3. The applet will be loaded to the Desktop panel; choose from its menu: Send files to device-> Open (choose a file).
3. Next choose your device and click on-> Send to.
4. Sending file needs to be accepted on destination device.


[edit | edit source]
The second way to send files out is using Bluetooth application designed for KDE environment.
1. Installation:
apt-get install kdebluetooth
2. To send a file to the second device (a mobile) run the application from: Menu-> Network-> kbtobexclient.
3. It should detect all available Bluetooth devices itself, if not click on: Search.
4. Mark your device in left bottom window.
5. Drag a file from top window and drop it off in right bottom window, then click on: Send.


[edit | edit source]
The third way to send files out and downloading theme too is using GNOME file manager - Nautilus.
1. Installation:
apt-get install nautilus nautilus-share obexfs gvfs-backends
2. Next choose from Bluetooth applet: Show files on device.
3. It will open Nautilus window, files can be coping, pasting or removing in the same way like in any different folder.

4. Nautilus will remember the last connection so next time don't run "bluetooth-applet" first,
just run Nautilus in Terminal or: Menu-> Run program:
and choose "Go" tab-> device name (it's "/on Motorola L6" in my Nautilus window).
5. You can add Nautilus enter to Menu editing the file as root:
and remove the line below out:
6. Save the file and run application from: Menu-> Accessories-> File Manager.

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