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I am providing this book in I hope than everyone can find something for themselves.
I have written it as an practical user guide with a simply role: "to get what you want follow the instruction"
If anybody want to find out more about Linux system processes, it is easy to do that within the rich Debian's
and Sidux's community.

What is missing in the book?

[edit | edit source]
  • Applications system descriptions for home users.
  • Source code applications compilations - may not be necessary, since most applications can be installed from repositories or binary packages.

What is inside?

[edit | edit source]
Practical use (100%):
  • System installation guide
  • System basic configuration
  • Installation guide for applications and peripheral devices
Concluding everything I really recommend GNU/Linux Debiana OS (unstable "sid") for daily using
on home machines because it's the most stable and perfect operating system I ever worked.

Pawel "pavroo" 29th June 2010