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Sexual Harassment or Rape is a form of verbal or physical abuse where the target of the harassment is repeatedly insulted or addressed in an unwanted, sexual manner. Sexual harassment can include unwanted touching, rubbing, or groping, unwanted comments of a sexual nature, repeated offers for or requests of sexual contact, and calling a person sex-related names. "Sexual Harassment" is a very broad term for a large number of actions, all of which bring unwanted sexual attention to the victim. Sexual harassment is considered a crime in most jurisdictions.

How to Spot Harassment[edit | edit source]

Sexual harassment, like all other forms of mobbing or bullying is defined by the sufferer. If someone makes unwelcome advances, and do not desist when it is explained their action is unwelcome then that persistently unwelcome behaviour may have a psychological consequence, such as a reluctance to be in the presence of the offender.

How to Stop Harassment[edit | edit source]

Reacting to bad behaviour with complaints or threats is likely to aggravate rather than moderate the unwelcome behaviour. It is best to try to ignore provocation at the time it occurs, and ask someone you trust to convey your displeasure or distress to the aggressor.

Boys and girls should be provided with moral and ethical education and a sense of accountability.

Get Help/Support[edit | edit source]

Many institutions such as schools, major employers and police have trained mediators to intervene. A mediation typically involves one or two mediators whose job is to take highly charged emotional language from the parties concerned in the offence and to rephrase statements in neutral language.

Mediation is not easy, because it means that victim and aggressor must face each other and try to understand the other's point of view. It is however psychologically much more effective and permanent than conventional punishment, which often gives aggressors a bizarre sense of pride, a tangible reward for bad behaviour.