Sewing/Sewing utensils

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Sewing Tools[edit | edit source]

Sewing needle[edit | edit source]

A sewing needle is essential for all sewing. There are many types of sewing needle, they vary depending on the project. Thicker needles are used for tough materials such as denim and leather, thinner for more delicate materials such as silk. Miller needles are a types of needle we're the eye as the same thickness as the rest of the needle and are useful for embroidery. For most sewing needles however the eye is slightly thicker than the shaft of the needle to make it easier to thread.

Thimble[edit | edit source]

Thimbles are a tool used for hand sewing. They are unnecessary if using a sewing machine. Thimbles worn on the middle of forefinger to protect the finger as it pushes the needle through fabric. They can be made of metal or leather. Some sewers use thimbles for all projects, while others avoid them unless absolutely necessary. They are most useful when dealing with thick fabric that is difficult to sew through.

Pins[edit | edit source]

Pins hold fabric in place while it is being sewn. They also are used in fitting garments.