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In the state of Indiana, the first thing one must do is determine which of three paths you will undertake based on your background. The paths are for:

  1. persons holding a current license in the state of Indiana;
  2. persons holding a current license from a state with which Indiana has a reciprocal agreement; or,
  3. persons who plan to get a license for the first time.

Now for some background. The Indiana Real Estate Commission refers to a Real Estate Agent as a Real Estate Salesperson. (Remember, Indiana is the state which squared the circle by legislating[1] the value of pi to be 3.2!)

To renew an Indiana license[edit]

This is the simplest of all 3 paths. Simply go to the IPLA Website[2], with a valid credit card or debit card, and pay the renewal fee.

To obtain an Indiana license when you hold a current license from another state[edit]

If you hold a current license in one of these 15 states (Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Oklahoma, or Wisconsin), then you are fortunate. You simply need to

  1. download the Application for Licensure as a Real Estate Salesperson or Broker[3];
  2. complete the form (which primarily means checking the box corresponding to the appropriate state and providing the license number issued by that state, providing address information, etc.); and,
  3. file the form along with your license fee.

If you hold a current license in any of the remaining states, proceed to the next section.

To get your first Indiana license[edit]



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