Self-Reliance Handbook/Vegetable Growing Guide

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Vegetable Growing Chart
Plant Type Temp in C Light Plants Per Sq. Ft. Growing Conditions
Artichoke 19-27 not directly under 1 perlite 10 inches or deeper
Beans 15-18 needs good light 5 4 inches deep or deeper w/ plenty of moisture
Broccoli 13-18 needs good light 2 NFT - cut 5" from top and will continue to come
Cabbage 13+ needs good light 2 2.5" deep or deeper (NFT works)
Cauliflower 15-20 needs good light 1 2.5" deep or deeper (NFT works)
Carrots 15-30 moderate light 2 good drainage required
Corn 15-20 needs great light 3 6" deep or deeper w/ great drainage
Cucumber 24-30 good light 2 4 to 6" deep or deeper
Garlic 27 then 15 good light 3 4" deep or deeper - sand w/ high initial temp cooling off
Lettuce 12-20 moderate light 6 grow w/ rockwool sitting on styrofoam in water
Onion 15-27 good light 3 4 inches or deeper within aggregate or sand
Peas 15-18 good light 4 4" deep or deeper in aggregate w/ good aeration
Potatoes 60-70 F fair light 3 12" deep or deeper w/ good drainage
Pumpkin 20-27 good light 1 sow seed direct
Spinach 15-19 cool shaded 3 4" deep or deeper using rockwool or sane or perlite
Strawberry 15-18 good light 6 troughs filled with gravel 6" to 8" deep
Tomatoes 21-24 great light 3 rockwool w/ trellis or something to hold them up
Wheat 60-70 F good light 8 humus; significant moisture but not flooding
Zucchini 24-30 good light 0.5 aggregate culture w/ constant supply of moisture

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Vegetable Growing Chart at the Institute for Appropriate Technology