Seiken Densetsu 3/Part 1: The Hero of Mana/Duran

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Duran's quest is arguably the hardest. It's also one of the coolest. You start out immediately in control of Duran. The guy across from you, Bruiser, is fighting against you in a tournament. Use your A attack, and when the bar at the bottom of the screen glows green, press B to knock him on his back. He's really easy. After you beat him, King Richard will congratulate you. You then get a nice, long, detailed cutscene. Remember what Loki looks like. We'll see him again. Also, pay attention when he talks about the Dragon Emperor.

You'll be rudely awakened by a man in red floating around crazily. Follow him. He'll reveal himself as a wizard, and play with you before hitting you with Fireball and Ice Smash. Continue through the cutscene until you have control again. Clearly, Duran is a drinking man. Anyway, leave the tavern, and go to the room up the stairs on the outside. Talk to the fortune teller. She'll tell you to go to Wendel and that you can get stronger through Class Changing. Go back to Duran's house. In Duran's room, open up the chest, then leave the house. The next 30 seconds are teary-eyed scripts. Go talk to King Richard before you leave. Afterwards, just take off! Head south, then follow the path until you reach the Cleft of the Earth. Cross the bridge, and then sit back and watch the credits.