Seiken Densetsu 3/Part 1: The Hero of Mana/Carlie

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Sit back and watch the cutscene. Carlie's an orphan. The white-haired cleric, Heath, is Carlie's guardian; the old priest is the Priest of Light. Carlie stands in the shadows and listens to the two talk about strange things happening to Mana.

After the cutscene finishes, go exploring. Talk to the NPCs if you want a feel for what Wendel is like. When you're ready to move on, go back to Carlie's room, and go to the room across the hall; it's the door on the left-hand side of the room where Carlie bumped into Heath. Carlie's friend Mick is in there. Talk to him. After you finish, go back to Carlie's room and sleep.

Okay, now it's nighttime. Go outside, laugh at the insomniac NPCs, and then head to the terrace. If you didn't find it earlier, go south from Carlie's room and then go to the right-hand exit to get to the ledge. Mick will pull out a banekujako. My Japanese is not too hot (anybody out there?), but it's basically a cute yellow spring. Step on it and you will exit the Temple in a rather unique fashion.

You will land rather unceremoniously on top of your soon-to-be teammate, who will take you to Astoria. Remember the area where you fall and what it looks like: This is the entrance to the Cave of Waterfalls.

After some dialogue, you can move again. Go north. Practice fighting with the Rabites - for now, just hit A to bonk them. Next chapter, you will learn how to fight with more powerful attacks. Continue north, and you will find Heath. The cutscene explains itself, so all I will say is to note carefully the three Magic animations you see. They are Holy Ball, Black Curse, and Evil Gate. You will see them again, and Carlie can actually learn Black Curse down the road.

After this, watch the credits roll, then continue to the next part of the walkthrough.