Secret of Mana/Walkthrough/Chapter 1

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At the beginning of the game, Randi (the main character) and two of his friends are playing on a bridge over a waterfall. Suddenly Randi falls from the bridge and finds himself trapped by undergrowth. The only way to return to his hometown, is to find some kind of knife or sword to cut the undergrowth away.

After you fall from the bridge, go to the south, where you can leave the river bed. Keep on going to the south, and you will suddenly hear a voice calling your name. Cross the small bridge which leads over the river, and go to the north. You will pass the undergrowth, where Randi mentions that he needs something to cut it away. Now enter the river bed again and you will soon see a sword stuck in a stone - the mana sword.

Make sure that you stay in front of it, and press the "B"-Button. Randi then pulls the sword out of the stone and a ghost appears for a few seconds. Now go to the undergrowth again and cut it away, by pressing the "B"-Button. Then follow the path to the right, where you will fight your first monster.

This monster, called Rabite, is a rather weak one. Two hits with Randi's sword should be enough to kill it. Now follow the path through the woods, where you will com across other rabites. After you've killed several of them, your sword reaches a new level. That means that Randi can use better techniques, by holding the "B"-Button for a few seconds.

Cross two bridges and you will soon reach Potos, Randi's hometown.

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