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Modeling Software[edit | edit source]

  • Venism - A simulation software used for developing, analyzing, and packaging dynamic feedback models.
    • Vensim PLE (Personal Learning Edition) is software that gets you started in system dynamics modeling and is free for educational use and inexpensive for commercial use. Vensim PLE is ideal for classroom use and personal learning of system dynamics.
  • iThink Architect (Stella) - A set of modeling tools to create professional simulations and presentations, and includes different software programs for various needs.
  • AnyLogic - A multimethod simulation modeling software
  • NetLogo - A free downloadable software that incorporates a programmable modeling environment for simulating natural and social phenomena
  • Powersim - A set of simulation tools that cover various different needs for building simulations, running in-depth analyses and distributing solutions

Online Resources[edit | edit source]

University programs[edit | edit source]

Region Country/ State University Research Centers / Groups Programs/ Courses Offered
Africa South Africa, Stellenbosch Stellenbosch University None Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Development
  • Introduction to system dynamics modeling
  • Advanced system dynamics modeling
Asia Singapore National University of Singapore Residential College 4 Junior & Senior level seminars on systems thinking
China, Shanghai Fudan University None
China, Xuzhou China University of Mining and Technology None Undergraduate course in system dynamics
India, Mumbai India Institute of Technology, Bombay None System Dynamics: Modeling and Simulation for Development
Australia & New Zealand Australia, Canberra University of New South Wales, Canberra None Masters and PhD in system dynamics research
New Zealand, Wellington Victoria University of Wellington None Undergraduate course in systems modeling
Europe Norway, Bergen University of Bergen System Dynamics Group PhD in System Dynamics

M.Phil. System Dynamics

Joint European Master’s Program in System Dynamics

Netherlands, Nijmegen Radboud University Nijmegen None Joint European Master’s Program in System Dynamics

Master’s Specialization in Business Analysis and Modelling

Italy, Palermo University of Palermo CED4 System Dynamics Group Joint European Master’s Program in System Dynamics
Portugal, Lisbon University of Lisbon None Joint European Master’s Program in System Dynamics
North America USA, Missouri Brown School of Social Work, Washington University in St. Louis Social System Design Lab Master of Social Work with specialization in system dynamics
  • Community based system dynamics
  • Designing sustainable social policies and programs: A system dynamics approach
USA, Massachusetts Worcester Polytechnic Institute None Online Certificate course in System Dynamics

Masters in System Dynamics

Phd in System Dynamics

USA, Massachusetts MIT Sloan School of Management MIT Sloan System Dynamics Group Phd in System Dynamics
USA, New York University at Albany, State University of New York Center for Policy Research Specialization in System Dynamics (at Masters and Phd levels)
USA, Michigan University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Center for the Study of Complex Systems Undergraduate courses in Complex Systems

Complex Systems Minor for undergraduates

Graduate Certificate in Complex Systems

Graduate courses in Complex Systems

Professional Organizations[edit | edit source]

  • Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science - An Austrian independent research institute, which aims to inspire the development of systems science by fostering systems research and supporting systems thinking.
  • Creative Learning Exchange - A non-profit organization that aims to develop systems citizens in K-12 education who uses systems thinking, system dynamics, and an active learner-centered approach to meet the interconnected challenges that face them at the personal, community and global levels
  • Society for Organizational Learning - SoL North America is a Massachusetts based nonprofit that facilitates connections between organizations, businesses, and individuals through organizational learning.
  • System Dynamics Society - An international, nonprofit organization devoted to encouraging the development and use of System Dynamics and systems thinking around the world. The Society provides a forum in which researchers, educators, students, consultants and practitioners in the academic, corporate and public sectors interact to keep abreast of current developments, build on each other’s work and introduce newcomers to the field.
  • Waters Foundation - A foundation that aims to build systems thinking capacity in schools throughout the United States and around the world

Journals, Blogs and other resources[edit | edit source]

  • System Dynamics Review - An online journal by members of the System Dynamics Society that publishes high quality, peer-reviewed advances in systems thinking and system dynamics and their applications to societal, technical, managerial, and environmental problems.
  • The Systems Thinker - A website with a vast collection of articles, case studies, how-to guides and pocket guides related to systems thinking
  • Systems & Us - A blog by Jenny Zhou and Andrew Frangos to spread the language of systems thinking, though analyzing every day problems from a feedback perspective
  • Tune In - A series of podcasts on systems thinking