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Style Guide[edit | edit source]

Citing Scriptapedia[edit | edit source]

Content from Scriptapedia should be appropriately cited when used in publications and derivative works. The suggested format for citing Scriptapedia is:

Hovmand, Peter S., Etiënne A. J. A. Rouwette, David F. Andersen, and George. P. Richardson. 2015. Scriptapedia.

In-Text References[edit | edit source]

When referring to the entire body of Scriptapedia, italics should be used.

When referring to a specific script from Scriptapedia, quotations marks should be used (e.g. "Graphs Over Time" script).

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

For scripts with specific dialogue to be said to participants, please insert such text in quotation marks (e.g. Tell participants, "Great job!").