Scriptapedia/ScriptsMap and Design Logic

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What is a "ScriptsMap"?[edit | edit source]

Figure 1. Example of a ScriptsMap

A "ScriptsMap" is a tool for sequencing individual scripts into a well-coordinated plan for a group model building workshop. It serves as a framework for "effectively combining particular sequences of scripted activities, products, and deliverables into a formal network" which facilitators can utilize to design appropriate and effective workshops based on their desired outcomes (Hovmand et. al., 2011; Ackermann et. al., 2010).

Design Logic[edit | edit source]

While the 'ScriptsMap' provides the framework for organizing individual scripts into a well-integrated plan, it is important to be clear of the design logic underlying the sequencing of those scripts. The design logic refers to the rationale for arranging individual scripts in a particular order. Ideally, the ordering of scripts should be aligned with the final outputs of the workshop that the facilitating team hopes to produce. In some cases, the facilitating team might also consider alternating divergent scripts and convergent scripts so as to allow discussion related to the participants' mental models, and then to facilitate consensus-building.

References[edit | edit source]

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