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Scripts are documented basic behavior units in Group Model Building (Hovmand, Rouwette, Andersen, Richardson, Calhoun, Rux, Hower, 2011). Variations of scripts can be added to the scripts under "notes". For instance, in Reflector Feedback (Hovmand), the script can be used interactively rather than for presentation, as indicated by the notes section of the script. However, if significant changes have been made between the original and the current version, then it may qualify as an entirely new script (Hovmand, Rouwette, Andersen, Richardson, Calhoun, Rux, Hower, 2011). An example would be Cookie Exercise which is similar to, but significantly different from the Water Glass Demonstration.

Hovmand, P. S., Andersen, D. F., Rouwette, E., Richardson, G. P., Rux, K., & Calhoun, A. (2012). Group model‐building ‘scripts’ as a collaborative planning tool. Systems Research and Behavioral Science, 29(2), 179-193.