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Logistics and Room Set Up

This script is used to create an inviting and conducive environment for GMB participants before the GMB session begins.


Best practices

Primary nature of group task



Preparation time: 30 minutes

Time required during session: 45 minutes

Follow-up time: 0 minutes


  1. The materials needed for group model building session


A drawing for how the room should be set up


A plan for room set-up


  • Facilitators experienced in GMB and the design of the workshop


  1. Arrange the table, chairs, and flip charts in the room in a manner conducive to upcoming activities and scripts. Consider how participants should be sitting:
    • In a semicircle facing either the wall where a model is projected, the white board, or the chalkboard.
    • In clusters of tables so participants can work in small groups.
  2. Arrange power cords, tables, and chairs for members not sitting at the table with participants (e.g., recorders, modelers, coaches).
    • Secure any power cords and extension cables with tape to minimize the risk that people may trip.
  3. Arrange refreshments in a place that is convenient for participants to get up and access during the session.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Thoughtful room set-up that will contribute to participants’ comfort, engagement, and understanding


Andersen and Richardson


Documented by Annaliese Calhoun in 2010 based on Luna-Reyes et al. (2006).


Revised by Peter Hovmand in 2013 to provide more details on room arrangements.


Luna-Reyes, L. F., Martinez-Moyano, I. J., Pardo, T. A., Cresswell, A. M., Andersen, D. F., & Richardson, G. P. (2006). Anatomy of a group model-building intervention: Building dynamic theory from case study research. System Dynamics Review, 22(4), 291-320.


Successful GMB sessions require the qualities and comfort of the physical facilities and the smooth handling of logistics for the sessions. This should include removing the participants from their phones and work site, and providing a relaxing change from routine work. Multi-day sessions should be located and planned to provide high-quality lodging, meals, and opportunities for social interaction.