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Hopes and Fears

This script is used to elicit and establish group expectations for a GMB session or project and is performed at the start of a GMB project.


Best practices

Primary nature of group task



Preparation time: 0 minutes

Time required during session: 30 minutes

Follow-up time: 0 minutes


  1. Two different colors of office paper (8.5 x 11) for each participant
  2. Thick tipped markers
  3. Blue "painters" masking tape




List of participants’ hopes and fears


  • Facilitator with good group facilitation skills and knowledge of the local language and topic
  • Wall-builder to categorize hopes and fears
  • Recorder to document the session
  • Runner (optional) to transfer hopes and fears from facilitator to wall-builder


  1. Participants are given several sheets of paper in each color. The facilitator explains that they will be writing their hopes and fears for the project and then sharing them with the group.
  2. The facilitator states which color represents hopes and which represents fears, and participants write their hopes and fears on the corresponding piece of paper.
  3. In a round-robin fashion, each participant then reads one fear and one hope. The facilitator takes each hope and fear that the participant has read and posts it on the wall. After each participant has had a chance to share once, the facilitator may open the floor to participants to offer hopes and fears or may go around the room until everyone has shared all of their hopes and fears.
  4. The facilitator then tries to identify some of the themes of the hopes and fears.
  5. Recorders write down the hopes and fears in the session notes.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Participants have shared both their hopes and fears for the upcoming project
  • Participants understand the overall themes of the hopes and fears
Example 1


George P. Richardson and David F. Andersen


First described in Luna-Reyes et al (2006).




Luna-Reyes, L. F., Martinez-Moyano, I. J., Pardo, T. A., Cresswell, A. M., Andersen, D. F., & Richardson, G. P. (2006). Anatomy of a group model-building intervention: Building dynamic theory from case study research. System Dynamics Review, 22(4), 291-320.