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Sample of a 90 minute workshop


Project Background

Problemc, what is known about the problem; type of problem and why; the contribution of CBSD/GMB/SD to solving the problem.

Project Objectives (Explicit and Implicit)

Core Modeling Team


Time Activity Description
Discussion with project sponsor Touching base to reiterate the framing of the problem
6:00-6:15 Intro

SD Intro/public agenda

A leads, S as Notetaker

E as photographer

A welcomes and thanks everyone for their presence.

A to go through the public agenda for the next 90 minutes.

A uses the example of the chicken and egg to show system dynamics convention: variables, arrows, polarity.

The chicken and egg share a reinforcing relationship.

The chicken crossing the road narrative can be told to articulate balancing relationships.

6:15-6:45 Variable elicitation J leads, E as wallbuilder, A as notetaker

S as photographer

J gives each participant sheets of paper and markers.

J asks "What are the key variables affecting reporting problems to organization X?"

Collect variables after prioritizing.

E places variables on a wall according to general themes

6:45-6:50 Break To observe break if time permits.
6:50-7:25 Building a CLD with Paper S leads, J as wallbuilder, E as note taker

A as photographer

With the question "What are the key variables affecting reporting problems to organization X", a main variable forms the basis of the CLD formation.

The main issue would be "reporting rates"

Referring to the variables on the wall, participants can contribute variables and S will clarify what the relationships are.

J to model the relationships on the CLD as participants narrate.

J to then explain the main feedback loops as they occur.

S to clarify the relationships the various variables have and to encourage participants to see further links between the variables.

7:25-7:30 Closing comments E facilitates, A as notetaker

J as photographer

E to describe the main takeaways to the group based on the system insights generated.