Screen Printing/Making the Print

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Printing is a pretty simple procedure though it takes some practice to really master it. With the frame turned upside down (flat side down) you add a line of your printing ink to one edge of the screen. Using a rubber squeegee, you smooth the ink over the entire stencil. This is called the flood stroke and the purpose is to fill the stencil with ink. Next you place the stencil on the item you`re printing on, still flat side down, and use the squeegee again, this time moving in the opposite direction, to spread the ink over the stencil and force it through the screen. That's all there is to it. Most ink should just wash off the screen with tap water without disturbing the stencil. Once it's dry you're ready to print again. Or if you're using the same color, you can print right away, just don't let the paint dry too much on the stencil, it could be difficult to wash out without destroying the stencil.