Science: An Elementary Teacher’s Guide/Additional Readings & Activities

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History & Principles of Learning[edit | edit source]

Check out this link for more information about Jean Piaget's ideas on cognitive development

Check out this brief You Tube film about Jean Piaget

Check out this link about Jerome Bruner

Click here to learn more about Robert Gagne's hierarchy of learning theory

Check out the short video about Robert Gagne's ideas

You Tube link to Benjamin Bloom Taxonomy short film

More info on Joy Paul Guilford

Check out this short video about B. F. Skinner

More info on B. F. skinners ideas

Here is another short video about Skinner's ideas

Problem Solving & Research[edit | edit source]

More info on Guided Discovery technique

Additional info on Science Process Skills

Dr. Kevin Young's Thoughts on Science Processes

Questioning[edit | edit source]

Check out this link on how to implement good questioning skills and learn the difference between different types of questions.

More on Questioning Skills

Energy & The Nature of Matter[edit | edit source]

Click here to review the various types of Energy

A very detailed description of matter and its types

Properties of Water

Watch this cool You Tube video on Bernoulli's Principle

Heat[edit | edit source]

Check out this link on Heat Transfer

Another nice site all about Heat Transfer and Insulation

Light & Electromagnetic Spectrum[edit | edit source]

Check out this link about the Electromagnetic Spectrum

A nice You Tube demonstration of the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Check out this link on Refraction


You Tube Lens demonstration

Check out this You Tube demonstration on the REAL PRIMARY COLORS of pigments

A good you Tube demonstration about the primary colors of visible light

Sound[edit | edit source]

Dr. Kevin Young Lectures on Sound

Nice You Tube classroom demonstration on the Doppler Effect

Nice You Tube Demonstration on Sympathetic Vibrations

Here is a nice elementary site about Sound

Everything You Should Know About Sound

Put in headphones, close your eyes, and enjoy this

Electricity & Magnetism[edit | edit source]

Dr. Kevin Young Lectures on Electricity & Magnetism

Nice link about static electricity

What causes Lightning & here to find out!

What causes magnet to here to find out!

Click here to learn more about Electric Current!

Machines[edit | edit source]

Dr. Kevin Young Lectures on Simple Machines

Nice link on simple machines

More on the 6 Simple machines

Yet more on simple machines

A simple link to Friction

The Environment[edit | edit source]

The Water Cycle

Earth's Oceans

Continental Shelf

Food Chains & Webs

Weather, Seasons & Climate[edit | edit source]

Global Wind Belts

The Greenhouse Effect

The Water Cycle

Click here to review the web based videos displayed in class detailing weather patterns necessary for tornado formation

Click here to review online movies view in class demonstrating the Coriolis effect

Another nice Coriolis Effect movie

Click here to review on online interactive review of world wide wind patterns

Click here to view more animations dealing with global wind patterns

The Earth[edit | edit source]

Check out these fun Geologic Time Scale themed Puzzles. Good for kids and yourself.

Here is one teachers web site about the Geologic Time Scale

A nice site about the basic Layers of the Earth

Another good site about the Layers of the Earth

The 3 Basic Types of Rock

Mohs' Hardness Scale

Cool little game to see if you understand all about Soil Formation

Animals[edit | edit source]

Nice elementary education site about animal classifications

Another nice site about animal classification

Placental mammals

Marsupial mammals

Monotreme mammals

Nice brief introduction into evolution & adaptation

Nice sight on the anatomy and types of bird feathers

Plants[edit | edit source]

A nice link about the Bryophyta "Simple Plants"

Diversity of Flowering Plants

Plant sexual reproduction

The Human Body[edit | edit source]

Review the 4 basic types of tissues found in the human body

Click here to review the anatomy of your skin

click here to review the skeletal system

The Circulatory System

Here is a nice animation and explanation of the path of blood thought the heart, lungs and body

Click here to review how your digestive system works