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What am I going to need?[edit | edit source]

Take a moment to consider what situation you're in and what resources you have to give you a head start towards where you want to go. Then you can research what else might be available.

Important areas to contemplate:

Water[edit | edit source]

If you live near the ocean or a substantial body of water, you've got a good start. Inland lakes offer interesting challenges and opportunities of their own. If your area offers neither of these, you my have to do a bit of travelling.

Fitness[edit | edit source]

Most sailing doesn't require Olympic athleticism, but it is a sport, so being fit will be a help. There are ways to adapt sailing for those with substantial disabilities.

Skills[edit | edit source]

You'll need to learn to operate and maintain your vessel. Ability to use tools and fix things will be most handy.

Financial[edit | edit source]

Some kinds of sailing can be a rich man's game. Others can be done on a shoestring, or less. It's important to be realistic about what you can afford, lest you be tempted to commit to a course that you won't be able to afford to follow though.

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