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Downloading[edit | edit source]

All tools as well as the C-sources and HTML-documentation you need to install sqlite3 on your computer are packed together in an archiveFile on SQLite's downloadPage.

In following files vv stands for version two digits following "3." uu=update (after ".vv.") and occasionally pp (usually 00) after ".uu."

As of now (12:31, 29 March 2020 (UTC)) vv=31, uu=01, pp=00

  • Tools are stored in one or more files depending on your Operating System:

Android[edit | edit source]


Linux[edit | edit source]

Mac OS X (x86)[edit | edit source]

Windows[edit | edit source]

Universal Windows Platform[edit | edit source]

Windows Phone 8[edit | edit source]

Windows Runtime[edit | edit source]

.NET[edit | edit source]

Sources[edit | edit source]

Alternative sources[edit | edit source]

not recommended

Beta sources[edit | edit source]

Documentation (HTML)[edit | edit source]

Using[edit | edit source]

After unzipping and moving the content of the folder(s) under a directory in your %PATH% (or $PATH) you can use the executable sqlite3 from anywhere within your computer system.

Questions?[edit | edit source]

For questions, requests etcetera there is a forum.