SPM/Importing data from the scanner

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Copying your files from the scanner[edit | edit source]

FTP[edit | edit source]

You will probably need an FTP program like SmartFTP (for Windows) or AxyFTP (for Linux) to connect to your scanner and download all the images that have been acquired.

Building your own DICOM archive[edit | edit source]

Instead of copying your files via FTP or CD/DVD, you may set up a DICOM server or connect to a PACS/RIS using free DICOM tools.

There are some free DICOM toolkits around from which you can build your own DICOM archive. An ancient, but very robust DICOM server can be found at ftp://ftp.erl.wustl.edu/pub/dicom/software/ctn/. The software is known to compile and run under both 32bit and 64bit Linux. Once you have set it up, you can configure your scanner console to send the images to this server using the scanner GUI.

Reconstruction of functional images[edit | edit source]

See with your physics team.

DICOM conversion for structurals[edit | edit source]

GUI[edit | edit source]

Go to Toolbox > DICOM

SCRIPT[edit | edit source]

% DICOM Conversion of structurals
disp('Start of DICOM conversion for structurals');

disp(sprintf('     Source directory: %s',dir_t1));
disp(sprintf('     Target directory: %s',dir_t1_analyze));

% See if the structurals exist
if isempty(dr) == false
  P = spm_get('Files',dir_t1,'*');
  hdr = spm_dicom_headers(P);
  disp('No structurals to convert');