SAS/String Functions

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The spedis function computes a distance between two strings. Here is an example :

options nodate pageno=1 linesize=64;
data words;
   input Operation $ Query $ Keyword $;
   Distance = spedis(query,keyword);
   Cost = distance * length(query);
match       fuzzy        fuzzy
singlet     fuzy         fuzzy
doublet     fuuzzy       fuzzy
swap        fzuzy        fuzzy
truncate    fuzz         fuzzy
append      fuzzys       fuzzy
delete      fzzy         fuzzy
insert      fluzzy       fuzzy
replace     fizzy        fuzzy
firstdel    uzzy         fuzzy
firstins    pfuzzy       fuzzy
firstrep    wuzzy        fuzzy
several     floozy       fuzzy
proc print data = words; run;