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Bandwidth Limits

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You cannot go over 2gb upload or 4gb download over any 7 day period, on either wireless or wired internet. If you do either of these on either connection, your internet on that connection only is blocked, but not necessarily for 7 days. It is only blocked until the past 7 days are under the limit.

Keep in mind that if you use a wireless router in your dorm room, it still counts as "wired". For this reason, you should put a password on your router so people don't steal bandwidth.

Unless you are using bittorrent or downloading entire movies from Netflix, bandwidth should not be a problem. Filesharing on the Rutgers DC++ servers does not add to your bandwidth total, so download as much as you want. It is also much faster than bittorrent.

University internet is now throttled by speed rather than by transfer.